Sunday, November 17, 2013

UMASS Kid Flys

Must be nice to fly.

This UMASS bro elevated over that defender -- to say the least. Poor defender just trying to stand tall but ends up with a face full of balls. Although you have to hand it to the defender here. Standing tall while a giant man flys toward you isn't something I would do with 20 seconds left in a game where my team was down 14.


SICK Catch by UCF Bro

This catch is DOPE.

Go try to do this in your backyard. Catch a 40 yard pass with 1 fully outstretched hand and arm all while diving forward at the end of a 40 yard sprint. Yeah, probably not gonna happen.

Well done, bro.

Monday, November 11, 2013

LSU Bro Wins the Weekend

Classic. The old T-Rex celebration dance. Can't beat this. This bro wins the weekend.

PS- Must suck to be the fist-pumping kid next to this bro. Just getting completely dominated by the T-Rex next to you.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nick Foles Throws 7 Touchdowns.... UMMM, WHAT!?

So, Nick Foles threw 7 touchdowns yesterday. Yes, Nick Foles. That guy in the picture above. THAT GUY. 7 touchdowns. 7!!! Perplexing is an understatement. But, hey, you keep doin you, Nick.

Nick Foles FTW.


Pats 55 over Steelers 31

Pats win! The Pats offense finally looked like, well, a real NFL offense. Brady and his receivers were clicking, FINALLY. It was nice to see Tom completing passes longer than 5 yards, Dobson actually holding on to passes that hit his hands, and Gronk spiking balls into the stratosphere again. I am not sure if this improved offensive performance was a result of the offensive unit finally starting to mesh, or if it was because the Steelers are truly awful. Or, maybe, and more likely, it was a combination of both.

While the offense looked good and a win is a plus any day, the Pats defense is still a major concern. Of course when you are missing the best defensive player at every level of your defense (Wilfork upfront, Mayo in the middle, and Talib in the back) you will likely struggle, but this cast of characters made the Steelers offense, particularly their rushing attack, look pretty awesome during stretches of the game. The Steelers might be the worst team in the NFL right now, but their offense looked pretty good against the patched-together Patriots defense.

It's nice to see the Patriots offense finally start rolling again, but this defense really worries me. Lets hope the Pats offense can continue to mesh enough to cover the holes on defense that have been left from losing 2 pro-bowlers for the season and having another perennially injured.