Friday, September 13, 2013

Do The 2013 Patriots Suck?

After last night's ugly 13-10 win over the Geno Smith led Jets, it's starting to appear that the Patriots might suck. The offense looked awful. Because of injuries, Tom Brady was throwing passes to a college qb and an undrafted rookie free agent. Watching the patched-together Patriots wide receiving corps drop passes all night was frustrating, to say the least. It is starting to make sense why Kenbrell Thompkins lasted 7 rounds of the NFL draft without hearing his name called. HE CAN'T CATCH! I am no expert, but being able to catch seems like a pretty important attribute for a wide receiver. At one point I was expecting Brady to come out from halftime covered in blood from stabbing Dobson because of all his drops. Brady wasn't clicking with these guys and he didn't hide his frustration.

It is going to get better when Gronk and Amendola come back, but these guys are perennial injury risks. The one concern with Amendola this offseason was his health and he has already found a way to miss a game. ITS BEEN TWO WEEKS, DANNY! Saying I am concerned would be an understatement.

In terms of the defense, yes they forced some turnovers. However, forcing turnovers against Geno Smith, a rookie qb in his 2nd career start, is nothing to get too excited about. It was nice to see the team actually show some resemblance of a pass rush during moments of the game. Chandler Jones' two sacks were definitely exciting. But, it will be interesting to see how this defense holds up against a good/decent offense. The Jets might have the fewest offensive weapons in the league, a competent defense should be able to shut them down.

I know a win is a win and the Patriots are 2-0, but I am concerned. This is a different team. A less exciting, less good team. Belichick is known for building/progressing his teams through the season. This team is going to click much better week 17 than it did last night because of Belichick's coaching. I am sure they will win the awful AFC East, but is this team really going to compete for a Superbowl? I am not so sure.

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