Monday, September 16, 2013

Some Week 2 Thoughts

Houston 30 over Tennessee 24

I really wish I didn't pick the Texans to be the AFC representative in the Superbowl.

Baltimore 14 over Cleveland 6

I thought Cleveland was going to be a sleeper this season. Guess not! Weeden is awful. Also, why is the Browns logo an orange helmet? Doesn't make any sense.

As far as Baltimore, it would have been nice for Flacco to take a little less money so the team could actually fill out the rest of its roster. Enjoy throwing to Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark all season! Also, for the sake of my fantasy team, I really hope Ray Rice's hip flexor is ok. Thanks for the 1 point though, bro!

San Diego 33 over Philadelphia 30

Um, WTF Chip?!? Philly's defense is BAD. Real bad. Maybe it's time to stop running Rocky and Elvis and change things up a little.

Also, really going to miss being able to pick against Norv Turner every week. San Diego might not actually be that bad this year. Shocking.

Kansas City 17 over Dallas 16

Chiefs in the house. YEAH YEAH. Chiefs are good and are going to be a playoff team this year. Good for you, Andy Reid.

Hey Dallas, hand the ball off to DeMarco Murray more! 12 carries?!? COME ON! Also, Dez Bryant is an absolute beast.

Miami 24 over Indianapolis 20

Miami might actually be pretty good this season.

Green Bay 38 over Washington 20

Aaron Rodgers could have thrown for 600 yards yesterday. The best part is that I am not even exaggerating. He finished the first half with 335 yards and 3 touchdowns! He ended up throwing for 480 yards. The Packers had a big lead for the majority of the 2nd half so there was little pressure on the Packers to throw. This number could have been much larger.

The Redskins are not good. Last week they made the Eagles look like the greatest offensive team to ever play football. Please note that the Eagles lost to the Chargers this week. Yes, the Chargers. The Redskins follow up their awful week 1 performance by giving up 480 yards passing. Yikes! I'm not sure what is going on with that defense, but whatever it is isn't working.

Also, Brandon Meriweather needs to be permanently removed from the NFL.

Chicago 31 over Minnesota 30 

Cutler leads game winning drive.

Buffalo 24 over Carolina 23

Good work Cam! Spend less time practicing your superman dance and more time trying to win games.

EJ Manuel might be pretty good too.

New Orleans 16 over Tampa Bay 14

Bye bye Greg Schiano. Tampa is a mess right now. I'm not sure Schiano and/or Josh Freeman make it past their week 5 bye.

Arizona 25 over Detroit 21

This picture of Megatron in Patrick Peterson's visor is sick.

Oakland 19 over Jacksonville 9

This game was so bad that a TV station in Orlando apologized for showing it. I think that about sums it up.

Denver 41 over New York Giants 23

Noodle arm wins again. If only the Patriots had someone like Wes Welker to throw to. Oh, wait! Nah, I am sure Brady is fine throwing to wide receivers that have trouble catching passes.

Seattle 29 over San Francisco 3

Seattle looks awesome. These teams are both REALLY good, but Seattle playing at home is going to be tough for any team to beat. These two teams are at the top of the class in the NFC.

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